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About the Show

This show is one of San Francisco's longest running independent comedy shows.  By supporting us you're supporting laughter, free speech, and Victor's beanie baby addiction (just kidding).  


We can't do the show without your support.  Let the world know you support live comedy and get some amazing perks like tons of free VIP tix and bonus content by subscribing to our PATREON and we'll add your name or business below.

Team BoSF

The BoSF Fam

These are our amazing PATREON supporters.  Subscribe and we'll add your name or business below.

By subscribing, you're supporting local artists and you'll also get amazing perks like:


VIP live show tix for your friends, clients, and co-workers!

Exclusive Bonus Content!

Sweet, sweet Karma!

Yasss Queen!

Anna Swanson

Executive Producers

Mark Anthony Porter
Private Wealth Advisor, Managing Director
Porter , Ritchie and Associates a Private Wealth Advisory Practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC

Derek Keller
Jim Doyle


Chris Schiappacasse


Swanee Astrid

Friends of the Show

Thomas the doorman

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